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Arnout Brokking

Wordsmith & Storyteller


to the website of Arnout Brokking, wordsmith and creator of worlds. My works include (short) stories, (short) films, immersive theatre, essays and (role-playing) games. In 2022 I won a golden ENNIE award for my adventure in the acclaimed Uncaged: Goddesses anthology.

Feel free to browse different projects I worked on, and contact me if you have a question.


 Danilo Maximiney
“So the Eurosing is over now. One of the most memorable experiences of perhaps my entire life.”
– on EuroSing 2018
Christien Boomsma


This story is absolutely beautiful. The style is a joy to read. Wonderful choice of words, without a fuss,
but visual and fascinating. The descriptions are original and striking. I have not read many stories of this caliber.
– on Children of the Twilight
 Wendy Torenvliet


“Beautiful prose. It has been a long time since I was last this enthralled by a story. That I enjoyed small, hidden connections and meanings this much. This author is smart.”
– on Europa and the Bull