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Unbound is a ttrpg zine that is published monthly. Each issue is a collection of resources, from adventures and playbooks to articles and editorials, that you can bring to your table. Unbound is an “everything-but-5e” magazine that makes content for open licenses, as well as system-neutral content and smaller games. Every issue has a theme, and the articles therein examine that theme from a different angle. Our hope is that even if you’ve never tried the systems contained in a particular issue, you’ll be able to find something to take and put in your own game: art, story, mechanics, or ideas!

Material for your next Murder Mystery

Explore the systems, mechanics, and tropes that make up a good playable mystery! Killers & Clues is the flagship issue of the Unbound Zine, chock-full of whodunnits and pointers to keep your table puzzling. If you love a good mystery or three, this is the issue for you!

What’s Inside?

  • Delicious Breadcrumbs by Cat Evans, an in-depth article about how to build mysteries your players can solve.
  • Sweater Weather by Margaret Mae, a mystery designed for Brindlewood Bay that has your Mavens solving a murder case at a yarn festival.
  • Fading Into Fog by Alex Niederberger, a system-neutral supernatural mystery about a lighthouse and its keepers.
  • Chasing Yellow by Arnout Brokking, a mystery for the Basic Role Playing system about a star cyclist and the devil who stole his heart.


Unbound #1