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Orenda - The Mystery of Laurentia Vrolik

Immersive Theatre

Series of small scale Immersive Theatre Events in co-operation with Industrial Heritage NL/BE

  • 15 may 2015 – Lochem (Gelderland)
  • 16 may 2015 – Antwerp (Belgium)
  • 17 may 2015 – Amersfoort (Utrecht)
  • 30 may 2015 – Cruquius (Noord-Holland)
  • 31 may 2015 – Best (Noord-Brabant)

The Netherlands, 1869. Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, an ex-preacher from Harlingen, travels around the country decrying injustice and greed.


He riles against the Capitalists, that draws people away from the countryside to slave in the city factories. Against the Church that neglects its task and keeps the workers dumb. Against the Pub, where men get dumber still. Against the Army, which terrorises its own people and fights useless wars abroad.


And last, but not least, against King Willem III, who does nothing for anyone. Domela Nieuwenhuis grants him the moniker ‘King Gorilla’. The people look up to him. The state, however, locks him up for blasphemy.


This is the world of Orenda. A world of colonial wars and expeditions. Of industrialisation, poverty and child labour. Of large economic and social differences. But also one of great discoveries and social victories. Of Aletta Jacobs’ plight for the right to vote. Of Eduard Douwes Dekker and his infamous Max Havelaar.


There is a gold rush in America, in amongst the scars of the civil war. Schliemann discovers the ruins of Troy. A fascination for Japan, its art and wisdom sweeps the continent. And Orenda-powered airships take you there faster than anything.


The industrial revolution started with the steam engine, but since 1861 the new magic word is Orenda. The ultimate fuel. It is developped in secret by Orenda Industries Limited and is more powerful than any other substance.


But what is it? And why is it kept secret? Laurentia Vrolik, the daughter of a scientist, might have known more. Might have been part of a secret terrorist organisation opposed to Orends, called Ludd. We will never know, because one night she is found in the woods of Lochem. Shot dead. Was it suicide, as the police claims, or was there more to it than that? A quest for clues begins.


Mieky Hovenier

“So interesting! I learned so much. A great day out.”

Jolanda Snellenberg

“What a great way to get to know the setting.”

Nicole van Overveld

“What a fun way to get to know the setting!”

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