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Orenda - Orenda Industries Gala

Immersive Theatre
A Gala Event held in Raamsdonkveer (Noord-Brabant) – 22 august 2015 – in co-operation with the Dutch Historical Dancing Society

Orenda is an event full of adventure, mystery and intrigue. It is set in a fictional, alternate history version of 1869. A world of expeditions and colonial wars. Of industry, poverty and social injustice. But also of great discoveries and people striving for a better society. And a world of Orenda, a new fuel, the capabilities of which seem endless.

Once a year, Orenda Industries hold a Gala. The wealthy and important people from around the country are gathered to raise money for a charity, and to decide which projects get funding.


This year, a tense atmosphere hangs in the air. There are rumours that the terrorist organisation called LUDD plans to disrupt the proceedings. Which projects will receive funding? And will the evening be spoiled by the terrorists or not?

Orenda website (is being moved)


Desirée Theunissen

“I had such a good time!”

Johan Dam

“The gala was so much fun. I had a great time.”

Rachel Beirne

“If you weren’t there, you missed a super event.”