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Orenda - Hidden Force

Immersive Theatre
A week long immersive theatre event – 08-14 august 2017 – Chateau La Noue Le Coq (France)

Orenda is an event full of adventure, mystery and intrigue. It is set in a fictional, alternate history version of 1869. A world of expeditions and colonial wars. Of industry, poverty and social injustice. But also of great discoveries and people striving for a better society. And a world of Orenda, a new fuel, the capabilities of which seem endless.

After their adventures in Australia, the travellers sail to Batavia, Dutch capital of the East Indies. Their plan is to help those in need after the devastating eruption of Krakatoa. When they get there, they arrive in a country torn apart by cicvil unrest.


The regent offers them a place in the famous Hôtel des Indes, which has been spared by the floods. The city is under the protection of the army under the command of Lt.-Gen. Termijtelen, and any excursion out of the compound can only happen under supervision.


Quickly, the travellers discover that what seemed a humanitarian mission at the outset, is in truth much more than that. Lt.-Gen. De Brauw’s obsession with revenge has played no small part in getting them here. And his thoughts on how to deal with the unrest among the starving villagers are draconian at best. Unbeknownst to them he has dragged the travellers into a local power struggle that endangers the lives of thousands of civilians. Can the villages be saved? Can De Brauw find peace? And who will rule the land once the travellers are gone?


Furthermore, the other guests at the hotel are unexpected to say the least: Empress Sisi, Talleyrand, Metternich, De Bagration, Krupp, Lord and Lady Raffles, and the mysterious inventor Ada Liepspitze, to name a few. High placed, and important people. Why are they here? What are they talking about? Is it to do with the current Franco-Prussian War or is something else at play entirely?


At the heart of it all lies the secret of Alexandrine and its connection to the mythical rebel leader Kalajengking, and his tragic tale of love and loss. Of courage and deceit. And of sacrifice.



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Werner Verrezen

“I would like to thank you all for the most amazing, unique theatre event I’ve ever had the pleasure to attend.”

Jimmy Raaijmakers

Boys, what a week! What an intense, exciting, intense, surprising and emotional week this was. Thank you very much to Olga, Arnout and Camilla for organizing this fantastic event! You guys are Awsome!”

Lenny de Rooij

Thank you very much for a fantastic week. The crew has obviously put a lot of time and effort into this event. From decorations and props to plot and from food to technology. You are true Heroes!

It was so atmospheric; a continuous stream of ‘picture perfect’ Victorian scenes, like living in an Efteling fairy tale.”

William Jongsma

Oh, people what a beautiful week that was. I was able to meet super cool and sweet people and play with them. Thank you for the beautiful setting, complex riddles, difficult situations, but above all the confidence and the cozy atmosphere.

Marjolein Schets

My week is one big happy, chaotic maw of tender, embarrassing, overwhelming, hilarious and panic fragments. My thanks to all of you

Marie Olaerts

Olga. Camilla. Arnout. You are so awesome! So incredibly brave and daring to share all this with us.

Marjolein Schuit

Even after more than ten hours of sleep, I can’t find the words to describe the past few days. They were beautiful!”

David de Klijn

I would like to thank Arnout, Olga and Camilla that for creating an amazing adventure. I also really want to thank them for introducing the Consent workshop. I really noticed how much extra protection this provides. Especially in the debriefing on Sunday. It was a revelation. It really showed how feelings and play go hand in hand and how much we experience in a week.”

Björg Tammenga

I enjoyed so many beautiful and intense moments, that it is simply overwhelming. I don’t often have a personal story line, but this one was By Far the most profound so far. Organisation: be proud of the result and accept all the compliments that are given. You have truly earned them.”

Cora Korsman

Wow, what a week. Really enjoyed everything that happened. 1000x thanks to the freedom I received from the organisers.”

Jolanda Snellenberg

What a journey. I can’t find the words for it yet, will possibly never find them. It was heartrendingly painful, beautiful, an awesome story.”

Leon de Kanter

“It was a very cool experience. Thanks to everyone who contributed to a super memorable event!

Hans Rootert

What a great week! I want to thank everyone, and above all the crew and the chefs, for a fantastic event.

Kaiden Hannis

“Thank you to absolutely everyone who took part and made this world so REAL! Especially the orga, of course, for making it happen in the first place.”