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Orenda - Alexandrine's Dream

Immersive Theatre
A weekend long immersive theatre event – 20-22 november 2015 – Dalhem (Belgium)

Orenda is an event full of adventure, mystery and intrigue. It is set in a fictional, alternate history version of 1869. A world of expeditions and colonial wars. Of industry, poverty and social injustice. But also of great discoveries and people striving for a better society. And a world of Orenda, a new fuel, the capabilities of which seem endless.

The Netherlands, 1869. In her villa on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague, Alexandrine Pieternella Françoise Tinne opens an exhibition about her travels. She is an eccentric, wealthy freule, who has traversed half of Africa with her mother, aunt and metal four-poster bed. It is rumored that Alexandrine has a special assignment for a select number of guests. But what that assignment is, will remain a mystery. That evening, Miss Tinne is assassinated. Then her body disappears.


Allegations are rife. About Adolf Frans Josef Count von Königsmark, the rejected fiancée of Alexandrine. About the African domestic staff who – for the standards of that time – have an unusually high degree of freedom and authority. And lastly about Orenda Industries Limited. Orenda is the fuel of the future and promises progress that previously could only be dreamed of. Did Orenda have an interest in the death of Alexandrine? Or is it Orenda that is threatened?


A group of investigators goes to investigate. Hidden in the cellars of Alexandrian’s villa they find clues from a previous journey she made to Africa, to the Devil’s Cave in Kaf Ajnoun, and an expedtion she intended to make, to Cornelius’s Dream in Western Australia. When her will is read, her fortune is divided among her relatives, her confidant James Pruyn and the brave souls who dare to finish the work that she started.


The investigators join forces, form a traveling party and, with more questions than answers, begin an adventure.


Jeroen van Berkel

This weekend was one to cherish for a long time.

Olga, Camilla, Arnout, thank you very much for an unforgettable and absolutely super cool weekend. Since last Sunday, I have a new Top 3 Events Ever. Thanks to you. ”

Robert Thijssen

What a weekend. What an impressions. Orga, thanks you! Good things need no praise other than “Bis! Encore! More!”. Friends, until the next time.

Miriam Koppen

oh, how cool it was! Location, noms (what a luxury to have constant food!), Props, costumes, characters, game … Everyone super thanks!”

Erik Visser

Wow! I did not get bored the entire weekend, there was so much to see, so many people to meet, so much to do, to puzzle 🙂

Thanks everyone!”

Annelies van Velze

Too many highlights to name. But to name one: The nether. Gosh, that looked beautiful / creepy and it was so cool! A terribly exciting and dangerous scene, one that could not be solved by force! Chapeau!”

Judith Grutterink

I take off my proverbial hat and bow to full surrender in deep respect. I had some trouble figuring out how it would go in advance, but oh how cool it turned out te be! Awesome!!”

Marlies Kok

It was a wonderful weekend! I had lots of fun as Lucy Steele. More of this, as soon as possible!”

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