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Aether - Ammit's Shadow

Immersive Theatre

Immersive Theatre Event – 15-17 november 2013 – Chateau La Noue le Coq (France)

Aether is Belgium’s finest steampunk-event. Participants travel back in time to a fictional 1913. The world is similar to our own, but not the same. In this alternate history society runs on steam rather than oil.


The city of Raetsburg, famous for its university, is researching the effects of the Great War on the landscape. At the end of the 19th century Europe has stood on the brink of annihalation for twenty years as the great powers of east and west clashed. Now, one generation later, it is up to you to help build a better future.


The survivors of the infection from Aether – Bayard gather at an auction to raise money to make more medicine. Some of the priceless artefacts up for auction are recently discovered in Egypt by ambitious archeologist Alexandra David. However not everything is as it seems, and soon the group is caught up in a struggle for survival.



Gilad Peltier

“Another fantastic event. The atmosphere, the setting, the roleplay. Super!”

Jelle de Petter

“I thought it was heavenly. The immersion is so strong. One of my favourite events out there.”

An van San

“It was rough to return home, and back to the real world. Everything was top quality.”

Senne Van den Abbeele

“The immersion was so intense. I have never felt anything like it before. The roleplay too was high-end, engaging and very layered.”

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